Summus Render S.L., is one of the world’s leading render farms specializing in animated film and special effects.

Since its founding, SummuS has specialized in the field of animation and special effects, serving animated feature films winners of several Goya Awards – The Adventures of Tadeo Jones (2012) and Futbolín (2013) – as well as others such as Capture The Flag (2015), Ozzy (2016), Final Fantasy XV (2016) and Animal Crackers (217). Among other activities, SummuS Render, through its Summa3D animation contest, actively supports the sector in Spain by participating in the rendering of animated short films, including “Blue & Malone, Detectives Imaginarios” (2013, nominated for A Goya), Just the beggining (2015) or La Noria (2017) among others.

SummuS Render has its own Data Processing Center (DPC), which allows it to adapt to their customers’ internal processes. Its Data Center has been awarded prizes such as the national Data Center Market 2013 award, and the prestigious international Innovation in the Micro-Data Center award 2014 by Datacenter Dynamics, thanks to its Data Center’s efficient design.

SummuS Render has launched under the brand name, the first low-cost tool for small producers and independent professionals, making it the first low-cost farm in the world.